VR gambling will be 800% more popular by 2021
January 20, 2017 11:04
As technology keeps improving rapidly, some casinos have already started to implement VR gambling technology, and as time goes on, more will follow suit.

In late 2016, Juniper released a study on augmented reality across multi platforms. One of the key findings is that VR gambling will rise by 800% in the next five years. In monetary values, the £47.2 million bets made in 2017 from VR gambling will increase to just under £423 million by 2021.

One of the problems that VR gambling is facing is the cost of VR devices. However, this will be much less of a problem as time goes on, and the market prices for these devices will start to become more affordable and therefore much less of a barrier.

Imagine wearing a VR headset and being transported to an exciting casino location of your choice. This could be a smoky basement in 1920s New York, or even one of the gambling halls in Las Vegas; it all comes down to your imagination. Both the mobile and the online casinos stand a reasonable chance of attracting the younger players if they take advantage of the VR technology to enhance the experience.

As a matter of fact, you can already get some of the most recent VR offerings at a low price point of around £15, so now is a great time for even more casinos to adopt the technology and expand their range of services. All things considered, it is reasonable to assume that this kind of online gambling experience will be widely available in the not-so-distant future.

We already have Microgaming and its VR online casino roulette table and VR Casino, with many more surely to follow. Are you ready for a new era of VR gambling?
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