Vietnam-Malaysia joint venture sells second jackpot-winning ticket in two months
November 03, 2016 00:17
A resident of Ho Chi Minh City who took part in a computerized lottery and bought a jackpot-winning ticket is now VND65 billion ($2.9 million) richer. Following Vietnamese laws, the winner has an obligation to pay a 10 percent income tax before pocketing the winnings.

According to Vietlott, the jackpot-winning ticket was sold on Tuesday. No one has come to claim the prize yet.

A similar event took place last month when a farmer in the Mekong Delta province of Tra Vinh won the first jackpot. That jackpot was worth more than VND92 billion, which amounts to $4.11 million. Again, the 10 percent income tax rate has to be applied, which lowers the grand total to VND83 billion, or $3.71 million.

Mega 6/45 is a computerized lottery. It was introduced in July as a result of a joint venture between Vietnam's Vietlott, a state-run lottery company, and an indirect subsidiary of Malaysia's Berjaya Corp Bhd (BCorp), a firm that received an 18-year investment license in July to run a computerized lottery.

To take part in the lottery, players are tasked with having to select six numbers ranging from 1 to 45. Each ticket costs VND10.000, or $0.45.

Three times a week (Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday) at 6pm, a new jackpot combination is randomly selected by a computer. If no one hits the jackpot, the money rolls over to the next drawing.

The jackpot itself is not the only prize that players can win, since the lottery awards plenty of bonus prizes up to VND10 million, or $446. These are awarded to anyone who manages to match at least three numbers of the jackpot combination.

Due to someone winning the prize, the jackpot has been reset to VND12 million ($537,600), the initial prize.
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