US introduces new anti-online gambling law
September 29, 2016 23:57
In today’s online casino news, we report on the struggle to legalize online gambling in the US. Currently, only a couple of states are regulating online gambling, and a federal bill won't be coming any time soon. Strong land-based casino lobbies are the most likely reason that such legislation is going to have a hard time passing through.

As if this wasn't enough, Senator Tom Cotton is now trying to introduce a new bill called S.3376 that will slow down the development of any kind of legalized online gambling. After examining its contents, it becomes clear that it contains similar language to the infamous Restoration of America's Wire Act (RAWA).

The Congressional website sums up S.3376 as a way to ensure the integrity of the laws designed to prevent the use of financial instruments to support any kind of online casino operations. The fact that it resembles RAWA comes as no surprise, since Cotton was involved in it back then as well.

RAWA did not manage to go through at the time. However, another attempt to ban gambling on a federal level clearly demonstrates Cotton's determination.

Many people do not have a clear image of what RAWA was all about. To sum it up, the bill attempted to place a federal ban not only on sports gambling but also on all types of online gambling. This includes online casinos as well as online poker.

If RAWA had been passed, all kinds of online casinos would be rendered illegal, including the ones established at a state level. This would be terrible news for the country's gaming industry in general. Though information on the new bill is rather scarce at the moment, it is clear that it is another attempt at reshaping RAWA and pushing it through.
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