Three-year-old toddler from New Zealand wins $1 million
September 30, 2016 23:58
Some people are just born under the right stars. A lucky boy from Christchurch in New Zealand has managed to win $1 million without doing a thing! The winnings officially make him the youngest Bonus Bonds jackpot-winning player in its history.

Bonus Bonds is a game played by the residents of New Zealand. It is considered to be an investment product, and it grants the players a chance to win a jackpot with every dollar invested. All of the winnings are considered to be tax-free, so every single dollar that a winner gets from this goes straight into their pocket.

When the boy was born, his parents prepared a nice surprise for him by setting him up with a Bonus Bonds account. They put $250 into the account without knowing that it would soon make a nice cash return.

The family had recently got back from a trip when they found out that something big had happened. Upon checking the boy's account, they learned that the initial investment of $250 had turned into $1 million, a life-changing amount of money.

The little boy's father could not hold back his emotions after finding out that his son had just become the next Bonus Bonds jackpot winner. According to his wife, he was literally pumping the air during a phone conversation.

Because the boy was born on Christmas Day and has now managed to obtain these big winnings at such a young age, his parents are convinced that he is special.

In any case, who wouldn't want to be born with a nice hefty chunk of cash by their side? With $1 million in his pocket and loving parents to take care of him, he is bound to get a great start in life.
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