Selbyville sells $121 million Jackpot Powerball ticket
December 20, 2016 10:48
If you're one of the Jackpot Powerball players who bought their ticket for the December 17th drawing, now is a good time to check your numbers, as someone managed to win the grand prize.

These are the winning numbers: 1, 8, 16, 40, 48. Red Powerball Power number: 10. Power Play number: 2.

Delaware Lottery Director Vernon Kirk said that the jackpot-winning player still hasn't stepped forward to claim the prize. When this does happen, the player will be given one of the following two options: receive a $72.1 million lump sum right away, or gradually receive a grand total of $121.6 million over a period of 20 years.

Put in perspective, the payout is even bigger than Sussex County's $119 million budget for the next year.

According to Kirk, this will be the tenth time that a jackpot-winning player has claimed a prize in Delaware ever since Jackpot Powerball started in 1992. He believes that this is a life-changing event for the lucky winner, and the Delaware Lottery encourages the winner to take all the time needed to make a decision regarding the prize claim options, perhaps consulting with an attorney or a tax accountant.

This is the second biggest single ticket jackpot win. The biggest one occurred in 2004 when a lucky player managed to win $214.7 million. The player chose the cash option and took home $116.9 million.

Kristy Muir, the Selbyville store manager, was shocked upon receiving the news. She believes that this is a big deal for their small town.

When questioned whether she remembers who purchased the winning ticket, she said no. She mentioned that the store is combined with an Exxon gas station as well as an Arby's fast food restaurant, which means that it gets a mix of regulars and travelers buying Jackpot Powerball tickets.
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