Player from Iowa wins $13,135 in lottery
December 09, 2016 00:33
Joel Sandry, a 41-year-old jackpot-winning player from Donahue, Iowa, managed to win $13,135 in a lottery drawing last week. The lottery game in question is called Cherry Twist Progressive. The lottery refers to it as a “scratchless scratch ticket” game.

The new Cherry Twist Progressive InstaPlay game features progressive jackpots, and the winning amount of money that Sandry won is tied to that very jackpot. He bought the $2 ticket on November 23rd at Expresslane, 3636 Hickory Grove Road, Davenport.

Sandry chose a fitting time to announce the winnings to his family, who gathered for Thanksgiving the very next day after winning the prize. He visited the lottery's regional office in Cedar Rapids to collect his winnings on Friday.

As far as Sandry's future plans with the money go, he revealed that he will use a percentage of the prize money to pay for his bills. The rest of it will be saved.

Cherry Twist Progressive is a new game in the lottery scene, being launched less than four weeks ago in Iowa. Currently, Sandry is one of three players who have managed to win the game's jackpot.

InstaPlay designs games with plenty of inspiration from instant-scratch and lotto games, and gives the players a new option to pick without having to choose any numbers. The players don't need to fill out any slips, and they don't have to wait around to see the drawing results.

The official website of Iowa Lottery reveals that the progressive jackpot starts at $2,000 and increases every time a ticket is sold statewide. In order to win at least $2, a player has to get three like symbols in any one spin. If a cherry appears anywhere in a spin, the prize money shown for that amount is won automatically.
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