Perth player wins $2.7m after drawing royal flush
September 07, 2016 23:46
Ever wondered how it feels to turn $10 into $2.7 million? A lucky player from Perth, Australia managed to do just that at Perth's Crown Casino. The jackpot winning player is called Nigel, and a simple game of poker with a progressive jackpot changed his life for the better last Thursday.

Nigel said that he won the big jackpot after getting tired of playing roulette and opting to try something else instead. As early as the sixth hand in the game, he was dealt the ultimate poker hand: the royal flush.

What is so amazing about this is not only the size of the winnings when compared to a typical bet, but also the fact that the jackpot was won with a royal flush – a very rare occurrence in poker, and the highest ranked combination possible to achieve in the game.

In order to have a royal flush, a player needs exactly the following cards: ace, king, queen, jack, 10. The cards need to be of the same suit. Statistically speaking, since there are four suits in a deck, a player has a four in 2.6 million chance to draw a royal flush.

Nigel said that he is still going to continue with his current job because he loves it, but he will only work five days a week and not all seven.

Crown Casino Chief Operating Officer Lonnie Bossi was pretty excited about Nigel's winnings and the circumstances surrounding them. He said that it's absolutely fantastic to have record breaking winnings of $2.7 million at the casino. 

Bossi also expressed his excitement regarding Nigel winning the grand jackpot at a time when other players at the casino have also been pretty successful. He stated that the casino’s players have managed to win $9 million this year alone, and the year is far from over.
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