Online casino with a no house edge?
January 10, 2017 10:59
Since a typical roulette wheel has zeros on it, online casino roulette players have to deal with a constant struggle of trying to beat the house edge. However, it looks like someone has finally answered their pleas, and an entirely new concept has been born in the world of online casinos: online casino without a house edge.

Introducing edgeless.io, the first online casino that aims to be completely transparent and edgeless. But to address the elephant in the room – where is the catch?

Traditionally, casinos make their money by a mathematical house edge that is incorporated in the game’s betting structure. This means that over the long term, the chances are that the game will eat up more of your money than it pays up.

However, the equation does not end there, since often the house edge is extended by players not following the optimal betting strategy. According to the calculations of author and gaming consultant Bill Zender, the extra house edge that the casinos gain from non-optimal betting decisions of players over time is 0.83% on average.

Edgeless.io will make its money from players making bets that are not optimal. Being an online casino without a house edge will also serve as a powerful incentive to attract more players.

Apart from that, the new casino aims to be completely transparent when it comes to its random number generator (RNG). Certain people believe that the RNG is what’s ripping them off, and the casino wants to address this problem by basing it on an Ethereum Smart Contract. This is completely public, so everyone will be able to see exactly what is going on inside the casino’s servers.

The company is launching a crowdfunding campaign on February 16th. Initially, it is planning to offer edgeless blackjack games, and after the initial phase of the development, it plans to broaden its selection of games by offering edgeless dice and video poker.
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