New York woman wins nearly $1 million playing slots
November 24, 2016 00:26
A jackpot-winning woman from Thornwood, New York, identified by the name of Linda H, managed to win almost $1 million when playing jackpot casino slots at Empire City Casino. Her visit to the New York casino was unplanned, but it turned out to be a life-changing one.

According to Linda, she likes playing Wheel of Fortune, and together with her husband Eddie, she often gambles at the casino. The big win happened on Sunday at one of the casino’s 110 Wheel of Fortune slot machines. That day, she won exactly $961,411,81.

Linda does remember the big moment, though her memory is a little foggy. She knows that people around her were cheering at the time. Her husband was not with her when the slot machine crowned her as the winner, so upon meeting him again, she told him what happened. Eddie thought that she had been robbed at first as she had security surrounding her, and she twice had to say that she had won a million dollars.

Linda's jackpot was the second-biggest paid out by the casino. The biggest was $1.5 million. That jackpot was won last October at another of the casino's Wheel of Fortune slot machines.

Howard G, the winner of the biggest jackpot, gave some useful advice to the couple. He recommended that they not to do anything with the money for at least one month. According to Howard, short-term as well as long-term goals should be considered, and the couple should definitely think about making some investments.

Though Linda managed to win such a large amount of money, she said that she will keep working at her government job for three more years until retirement. She did reveal some of her plans on what to do with the money, and they involve helping out her two grown children in a financial way.
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