New Jersey's online casino revenue increases by 39 percent in July
August 17, 2016 23:30
Licensed online casinos in New Jersey managed to generate $17.4 million in profits from gamblers in July. Compared to the results from July last year, this makes for a 38.6 percent positive difference.

This also sets a new record for New Jersey's live online casino industry, which is now almost three years old. A similar thing only happened in April 2015, when the online gambling industry broke the magic $17 million number.

Peer-to-peer poker revenue was over $2 million, and if we compare the numbers to the results from last year's July when they were $1.9 million, the difference is 6.7 percent. The remainder of the online casino revenue was generated by other games, totaling at $15.4 million. Compared to the same month last year, the difference is 44.2 percent, since they totaled at $10.6 million.

Let's look at this year's stats, comprising about seven months of live online casino data. Online poker generated $15.7 million of revenue, which is a 10.8 percent increase. Other authorized games brought in $96.4 million, a 37.2 increase. The total online revenue generated reached $112.2 million, which is a 32.8 percent increase.

Judging from these numbers alone, it is indeed a fruitful year for the online casino industry. If we look at individual providers, here is the scoreboard:

Borgata ($4 million)Golden Nugget ($3.7 million)Caesars Interactive NJ ($3.4 million)Tropicana ($3.2 million)Resorts Digital ($3.1 million)

From the mentioned list of live online casino providers, only Borgata, Caesars, and Resorts are also providing online poker.

In other online casino news, the UK and New Jersey are planning to implement a shared liquidity system for online poker. This would enable poker players in New Jersey to reach around 2 million additional poker players who reside in a country with a population of over 64 million.
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