New game with progressive jackpots designed to help charities
December 07, 2016 00:32
A bingo hall in Orillia, Ontario is hoping that Catch the Ace, a raffle with progressive jackpots, has all the potential to raise a lot of money for charities with community-oriented causes.

Orillia Geneva Bingo Manager Rick Purcell said that the bingo hall has secured a license to sell Catch the Ace tickets. Purcell also said that potentially $1 million could go into the charities' accounts.

The game has been seeing an increasing amount of popularity in other communities. A single ticket costs $5. Starting on January 4th, the tickets will be sold four times a week, and the drawings will be held every Monday at 7pm.

There will be a winner each week who gets to receive 20 percent of the weekly sales. If 1,000 tickets were sold this week at $5 apiece, for example, the winner would receive $1,000. 30 percent of the weekly sales go towards the progressive jackpot, which is awarded after a weekly winner is lucky enough to draw an ace of spades from one of the 52 sealed envelopes.

If an ace of spades isn’t drawn, the jackpot gets rolled over to the next week, and the card drawn is removed from the deck.

The game's operator, which supports a dozen charities in Orillia, receives 50 percent of the winnings. 

Purcell explained that the progressive jackpot went all the way to $2.9 million in Nova Scotia, adding that the East Coast community has roughly the same size of population as Orillia. He believes that this is going to be really good for the charities, claiming that even if it's $20,000 divided by 12, that is still $1,600 more than what each charity is already receiving.

If you want to pay a visit to Orillia Geneva Bingo, it is located at the top floor of the Royal Canadian Legion branch.   
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