LarryCasino.com officially announced
March 22, 2017 17:16
Lyn Consett, Contributing Editor, Bigjackpots.com
Contributing Editor
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In today's online casino news, LarryCasino.com is entering the market of online gambling. Those who remember Leisure Suit Larry, the video game classic, will surely appreciate the announcement of the launch. 
Leisure Suit Larry was originally launched in 1987 by Sierra Online. The main protagonist of the game was Larry Laffer, a short, tacky, and clumsy middle-aged man who tries to seduce women who are clearly out of his league, which leads him into several hilarious and bizarre situations.
The new casino will be launched on Gaming Innovation Group’s iGaming Cloud platform. The players will receive a selection of top-quality slots, live online casino games, and other casino games. These games are all based around the latest Larry Laffer adventure. The games are compatible with all devices, including desktops.
The fictional location of these games is Naked Island, which is presumably supposed to be a resort in the Caribbean. In your adventure, many surprises await, including Larry's exclusive roulette wheels, diverse characters and levels, and surprise boxes. 
iGaming Cloud Managing Director Ben Clemes commented that LarryCasino.com is a testament to the creative vision of its owners, and demonstrates what can be achieved with the help of technologies supported by iGaming Cloud. He said that the iGaming Cloud crew is excited to see Leisure Suit Larry come to life in this new casino experience.
Clemes added that players will find a number of coins that can be traded in The Shop. Every time that you log into the casino, you will also get to choose a JokeBox.
Project Co-Owner Enric Monton offered further insight into the new casino, stating that the worlds of gambling and gaming have united to create a unique player experience. He added that they wanted to keep the essence of the original series intact, while combining it with cutting-edge gaming technology.

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