Jackpot-winning woman from New York wins nearly $1 million
November 16, 2016 00:22
A player at Empire City Casino managed to win nearly $1 million recently playing jackpot casino slots. This happens to be the second largest win in the Yonkers casino's entire ten-year history.

The jackpot-winning woman, later identified as Linda H from Westchester County, New York, said that it was a shock to her. She described the event as “surreal”, and added that she couldn't believe her eyes at first.

Linda is no stranger to winning big, but her prize money has never reached such incredible heights. For example, she won $4,000 while playing the Wheel of Fortune game last year. Until now, she never believed that it was possible for her to surpass that amount.

On Saturday, however, she went back to the casino to try her luck at the same game once more. Linda commented that she simply likes the idea of spinning the wheel.

She decided to go on a trip during the weekend with her husband. According to Linda, this was decided on a whim. After the trip was over, the couple made plans to visit the grocery store.

When the big win happened, Linda reports that her husband was located somewhere in the casino, but not anywhere near her. He didn't have his cell phone with him, so she told him the news upon meeting him again. The plan about going to the grocery store never came to fruition that day because Linda was too exhausted.

Congratulations to the lucky winner! $1 million is enough to better anyone's life in one way or another.

Looking back at some of the previous statistics, a similar event happened last year, when a jackpot-winning player from Long Island managed to win $1.4 million on Empire City Casino’s Wheel of Fortune machine.
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