Jackpot winning woman from Cumbria hits £33k
September 06, 2016 23:45
Many of us often get caught up in procrastination, but for a lucky jackpot winning woman from Cumbria in the UK, this turned out to be the one thing that led her to big winnings.

Anne Pegg, a 47-year-old player, won £33,000 playing an online slots game called Cowboys and Indians. The jackpot casino slots game was played at the PocketWin Casino.

That day wasn't going too well for her, since she was dealing with an ear infection. She had to do some work around the house, but she decided to give the reels just one more spin before finally moving on to doing the chores, and it turned out to be a lucky spin indeed.

The £33,000 that she won resulted from a £1.80 spin, which makes the achievement that much more incredible. 

Anne said that was she so shocked when it happened that she nearly dropped the phone. Immediately after, she called her husband, but he didn't believe her story at first. However, after he came back from work, he had the opportunity to see it for himself.

Anne said that she lost her mother at the age of 13, and at that time, she made a silent promise that she wouldn't ever be greedy if she managed to win the lottery or something similar, opting to be humble and grateful instead.

She already has plans on what to do with the winnings – for example, she's going to treat her friend to a nice trip, as well as buy a new car for her husband.

Finally, she concluded that anyone can become a jackpot winning player, so one should never stop believing in themselves and the ever-present chances of hitting it big. She added that it's not only about the winning but also about the pleasure and enjoyment of it.
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