Jackpot-winning technician receives $75 million
November 01, 2016 00:15
On Saturday, October 22nd, a lotto player from Kingston, Jamaica hit a jackpot worth $75 million.

The lucky winner's name is C Duncan. The 44-year-old technician has been playing the lottery for 20 years. For over four years, he has been purchasing the same ten lines of numbers, and then one day, they happened to match up with those displayed on the Supreme Ventures results app.

Duncan could not believe it when it happened. He said that he had to double-check the numbers under a light to make sure that he wasn't seeing double. Supreme Ventures reports that Duncan wasn't able to grasp the fact that he had become a millionaire until Sunday upon checking the results app one more time.

He explained that he chose the numbers years ago from the Cash Pot live draw results. It just so happens that he managed to win the Cash Pot twice on the same day that he became a jackpot-winning lotto player.

As for his plans regarding what to do with the money, Duncan explained that they revolve around his family. He added that winning the jackpot has left him restless and he can't take his mind off it.

However, before making any final decision about what to do with the money, he revealed that he needs to take a vacation from his small-scale repair service business. That being said, he is courting the idea of investing into his children's education, real estate, as well as buying a new set of wheels for his business.

Regardless of having won, Duncan will not stop playing the games he loves, which include Pick3, Pick4, Lotto, and Cash Pot. Interestingly, he said that he will keep using the same numbers that made him a millionaire.

On Monday, October 31st, Duncan went to the Supreme Ventures headquarters to collect the winnings together with his wife and sister. 
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