Jackpot winning player takes home $100K
September 09, 2016 23:49
Ever fantasized about playing jackpot casino slots and winning the grand jackpot? Recently, a lucky player did exactly that at one of Gold Eagle Casino’s machines.

According to Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA), the player's name is Jenifer Kryzanowski, and the jackpot winning she took home was exactly $99,913.57.

She managed to hit the grand jackpot while playing Rider Nation Progressive, a game that can be played on 32 slot machines at six different SIGA casinos.

What's different about this slots game is that players spin to win in four different categories or tiers. The mystery jackpot is actually guaranteed to be paid out somewhere between the defined minimum and maximum value inside each of those tier levels.

The Rider Nation Progressive machines have been quite generous thus far, paying out $1.4 million combined to four jackpot winning players.

Gold Eagle Casino was excited about the event and congratulated the lucky winner. General Manager Kelly Atcheynum said that the entire staff is very happy for Jenifer. He added that it's especially pleasing to see such a big jackpot being paid out as this sort of win tends to be life-changing for the player.

SIGA President and CEO Zane Hansen also expressed his excitement. He formally congratulated the winner on behalf of the entire SIGA and Gold Eagle Casino staff.

These kinds of winnings typically trigger quite a lot of interest from aspiring slots players who are aiming to achieve the same results. According to SIGA, the players who haven't been successful thus far may try their luck again, since the Rider Nation jackpot has been reset.

All aspiring players have an equal shot at it, so why not visit the casino for yourself and see if you've got what it takes to win a life-altering sum of money?
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