Jackpot-winning player from Scotland wins £1.2 million
November 04, 2016 00:17
Mandy Bowman, a 45-year-old jackpot-winning woman from Buckie in Scotland, has won a £1.2 million progressive jackpot while playing on a bingo and casino website.

She won the jackpot while playing Glossy Bingo’s Major Millions slot game. This is a five reels game with progressive jackpots that regularly exceed £400,000. Players are tasked with having to match up three to five symbols in a row.

Mandy was playing the game on her mobile phone while at home when she managed to win the jackpot. According to Mandy, she actually started losing when she switched to the progressive jackpot. She was down to her last £3 when the magic happened. At first, she didn’t believe it, but all of the symbols matched and the jackpot was hers!

She said that her father used to bet on horses, and he gave her the advice of betting only what she can afford to lose, and she has followed it ever since. 

Mandy claimed that she was unable to sleep for three nights after winning the jackpot. She said that it was a shock, but a welcome one.

Mandy revealed that she is not planning to splurge on fancy things since she loves her current lifestyle of living on a farm. However, she did say that she plans to invest some of the winnings into building an indoor riding school, as well as launching a livery.

Apart from that, a portion of the prize money will go towards making the necessary building and machinery upgrades on the farm. This should allow Mandy and her husband to have a more stable future.

Though Mandy and her husband have been married for two years already, they have yet to have a honeymoon. Still, Mandy said that working on the farm will remain a priority for the time being.
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