Jackpot-winning player from Norway wins €4.9 million
September 27, 2016 23:56
A lucky player from Norway was playing Mega Fortune recently when the stars aligned just the right way and he managed to score it big in a progressive jackpot. He netted a whopping €4.9 million. The big win happened at Betsson casino, which is powered by NetEnt software. 

Scandinavian players are known for their passion for games that include progressive jackpots, so it's not really surprising that many of the jackpot-winning players live in one of the Nordic countries.

In any case, €4.9 million is a life-changing amount of money. Back in early 2016, a player from the UK had the same kind of luck playing Mega Fortune. That lucky player managed to secure a big win worth €2.7 million.

The jackpot-winning player from Norway was asked about his feelings after winning, and he said that he was taken by surprise. He went on to explain that initially, he hadn't quite processed the situation at hand, thinking that he had only won a portion of the jackpot, which would be something like €49,000. That alone got him pretty excited, and upon learning that he is now actually a millionaire, he was completely blown away.

Betsson decided against sharing the player's identity. However, it is known that the man is in his 20s and is planning to use some of the money to build a house. Apart from that, he doesn't seem to be wanting to introduce any other changes into his life right now.

NetEnt Chief Product Officer Simon Hammon congratulated the lucky winner. This success story will likely inspire many other progressive jackpot enthusiasts to try the company’s games. As today's example clearly shows us, a life-changing win may be just around the corner, and anyone has a chance to claim the big prize.
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