Jackpot-winning couple from Brookhaven claims $246 million jackpot
October 06, 2016 00:04
Not too long ago, a Jackpot Powerball-winning couple from Brookhaven in Georgia picked up the jackpot, which was worth a whopping $246 million.

William ten Broeke, 46, should be thanking his wife Heather, 38, for these amazing winnings.

The lucky couple was shopping at the Publix on Town Boulevard in Brookhaven when Heather asked William whether he was going to get a ticket. According to William, he would have forgotten to purchase one if it wasn’t for his wife's friendly reminder. They have been married for five years now and have one child.

The couple claimed their prize on Monday at the headquarters of the Georgia Lottery. The couple preferred to go with the cash option, which, before taxes, totaled at $165.6 million.

The jackpot was won on September 17th, but the couple didn’t actually learn that they were the winners until several days later. This happened when they were watching the news and learned about an unclaimed Jackpot Powerball prize.

Upon learning of the unclaimed jackpot, the couple immediately checked the ticket, and after some checking and rechecking, it finally dawned on them that they were the winners. Congratulations to the couple!

The winning numbers for the September 17th drawing were 9-19-51-55-62.

William commented that he was shocked at first – he was rendered speechless and was unable to grasp the situation at hand. Several rechecks were needed in order to make the mental shift and acknowledge the winnings.

William concluded that if it weren't for his wife, none of this would be happening right now. Currently, William works as a commercial credit officer and Heather is a cardiac device specialist.

The couple is planning to use the money to help fund their travels and investments. They are also planning to donate some of it to charity.
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