Jackpot Powerball – winning numbers for September 17th
September 19, 2016 23:53
It looks like we have a lucky winner this time around, and the winner is set to receive a whopping $244 million! The winning Jackpot Powerball ticket was sold in Georgia.

On the flipside, this means that the next Jackpot Powerball will only be worth $40 million, with a cash option of $26.8. While it may not sound that exciting in comparison, this is still a very decent chunk of money that almost all of us could use.

As for the winning numbers for this drawing, they are: 9, 19, 51, 55, 62. Red Powerball number: 14. Power Play number 4.

If you're the winning player, congratulations!

Now for the statistics. Though we have a new Jackpot Powerball winner, no one else managed to match all five white-ball numbers. Doing so would have netted the winner a juicy $1 million. Still, there were 864,609 winners in total this time around, winning at least $4 each. There were 27,104 winners in Michigan alone. Out of those, six players managed to win $400, which is also the biggest payout in Michigan.

If you're interested in trying Jackpot Powerball for yourself, the game is available in 44 different states, including the Virgin Islands, Washington DC, and Puerto Rico. Players are tasked with having to select five white-ball numbers (from 1 to 69) and one red-ball number (from 1 to 26). Each ticket costs $2.

For those with a winning mentality, there is no single strategy that's universally agreed upon. Some players choose numbers with some kind of personal significance to them, such as birth dates, anniversary dates, or similar. However, the odds of winning could potentially increase if you use the numbers randomly generated by the computer, since most of the jackpots have been won this way.
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