Jackpot Powerball winning combination for August 10th 2016
August 11, 2016 23:27
For those of you who like to play Jackpot Powerball, here are the latest winning numbers:

23, 56, 61, 64, 67. Powerball number: 12. Powerplay number: 5x.

The jackpot has reached a high of $67 million, and the previous $52 million jackpot saw no winners. If you'd like to check in on the winners in real time, make sure you watch Powerball's official live stream.

When Wednesday comes around, a single game will be played, and a single winner will have the chance to take home massive winnings of $46.5 million. The money will be provided as a one-time payment in cash.

The previous Jackpot Powerball winning numbers (August 6th) were the following:

20, 33, 36, 47, 52. Powerball number: 12. Powerplay number: 3x.

Last Saturday brought us two new winners, and they both managed to match all five white numbers, netting them both a sizeable chunk of the winnings, totaling $1 million each. They purchased those winning tickets in Wisconsin and California.

In total, there were 599,714 winners who managed to win at least $4 each.

For those who would like to try a round of Jackpot Powerball themselves, the game is available to be played in 44 different states. You select five different numbers ranging from 1 to 69, and one red ball number from 1 to 26. The tickets cost $2 a piece. You have 1 in 259 million chances to win the grand jackpot.

In other news, the Mega Millions jackpot is now at $45 million, due to the fact that there were no winners announced in the August 9th game. Tuesday's $38 million jackpot will be rolling over, and a single game winner will be presented with the option of collecting a one-time lump-sum payment of $30 million in cash.
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