How online casinos compare to land-based casinos
January 04, 2017 10:52
As technology keeps getting better and better, it's not uncommon to see everything moving to the digital world, and the same can be said of casinos. Still, both the online and the land-based variants have their pros and cons.

The online casino market is definitely more competitive than the land-based one. Since online casino players are constantly on the lookout for more features and newer games, the operators constantly have to adapt since it's very easy to lose a customer in such a crowded market. Land-based operators, on the other hand, have it a bit easier since the offline space is less likely to be that crowded.

Convenience is another strong attribute of online casinos. What's better than not having to leave your house to enjoy a never-ending selection of games? On the flipside, land-based casinos allow you to socialize with other players in real time, which could be an important aspect of gambling to some, even though these types of casinos may not have the latest titles.

From the operator's perspective, having a land-based casino can cost a lot of money. Unless you own it, you have to keep paying rent for the premises; and even if you do own it, there's still the monthly costs of employees, maintaining the machines – the list goes on. While the costs are definitely not that high to maintain an online casino, they aren't exactly non-existent.

Finally, some people think that online casinos are taking away job positions from the land-based casinos, but this may not be entirely accurate. For example, the croupiers can be retrained to work in a live online casino, so there are arguably even more jobs in this sector now, and online casinos are to thank for it.

Both online and offline casinos offer something unique, and as of right now, they are able to co-exist.
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