Fundraisers with progressive jackpots share wealth
October 22, 2016 00:12
The Hay River Curling Club in Canada’s Northwest Territories has decided to share some of the fortune accumulated from its weekly lottery game, Chase the Ace. From October 14th, the club will make a weekly donation to the town aimed to rebuild the Don Stewart Recreation Centre.

Glenn Smith, the driving force behind Chase the Ace, promised that the club will be donating $20,000 for every week that the ace goes undrawn.

Hay River Mayor Brad Mapes welcomed the donation. He said that it's a great thing for the curling club to put money back into funding the recreation center project.

As for the upcoming draw, which is to be held on October 21st, only 12 cards remain in the deck. Whoever gets to draw the ace will win the jackpot. As of the latest drawing, Chase the Ace has accumulated more than $400,000 in profits.

According to Smith, the duration of the game has exceeded their expectations. He said that in order to prepare the tickets, a huge amount of work needs to be done, so they are hiring other non-profit groups each week to help them out with the project. He believes that the drawings are also attracting a lot of visitors from other towns, essentially spending money while visiting, which helps other local businesses.

About Chase the Ace:

Chase the Ace is a drawing with progressive jackpots. Each Friday night, people have the option to buy $5 tickets for the draw. Every player with a winning ticket automatically receives a weekly prize, as well as a chance to draw the ace of spades from a deck of cards placed in a black box. Whoever draws the ace will win the jackpot.

The October 14th drawing generated $127,615 in sales, and the money was raised in just an hour and a half.

Kayla Leishman, who drew the jack of spades, did not win the $268,864 jackpot, but she did win the weekly prize, which was worth $25,523.
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