Construction worker wins jackpot in Saudi Arabia
August 12, 2016 23:28
On August 4th, a construction worker in Saudi Arabia, who has been in the industry for about ten years, picked a jackpot winning combination of numbers, changing his life for the better (at least for the foreseeable future). He picked up a total of P111.9 million.

The 33-year-old jackpot winner has been a consistent lotto bettor, and this has been going on for nearly as long as his construction working career. In order to keep purchasing the tickets, he cleverly utilized the help of his wife, who resides overseas.

The winning combination was the following: 33, 35, 13, 27, 05, 12.

The reason why he picked it is rather straightforward. These numbers represent something very personal to him, namely a combination of his wife's birthdate, age, and anniversary dates.

Last week, when the jackpot winning construction worker was on overseas vacation in Cavite, he personally placed the bet for a change, and it turned out to be the exact one that won him the entire jackpot.

He claimed his prize in Mandaluyong City last Monday. According to the construction worker, he has decided to quit his current job in order to open up a new business in the Philippines. That way, he will have more time to spend with his family. He also said that he is planning to save some of the money for his son's future.

He then went on to say that living the life of a construction worker is a very daunting task, and that he is looking to open up another type of business. At the moment, he is still unsure as to what kind of business that might be. Finally, he added that no matter what, he is very unlikely to go back abroad.

The previous winner of the same jackpot was a retiree from Quezon City.
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