Casino by Vanshaw crowns another penny slot millionaire
October 18, 2016 00:10
On Sunday, a man named Ken Deck, a guest at the Casino by Vanshaw in Alberta, Canada, was playing the Fortune's Heat slot machine. The game features progressive jackpots, and Deck managed to win a hefty sum of $939,260. Congratulations!

The following day, Casino President Kevin Van Der Kooy expressed his excitement. He believes that this is good for the community, especially because the economy has been hit by the oil collapse. He said that by putting this money back into the economy, everyone is going to be benefiting from it.

This particular slot is connected to a network of slot machines across the province, sharing the progressive jackpots that accumulate and add up to a single sum when various people play.

Van Der Kooy explained that this is the reason why a penny slot jackpot can get so big. Deck managed to win the progressive jackpot by wagering just 60 cents. Van Der Kooy has been informed that Deck lives somewhere in the region that the casino draws visitors from, but is unsure of his exact location.

The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission is about to verify whether the jackpot is authentic or not. Any time that a jackpot higher than $20,000 is won, the Commission is called in to verify it. If the win turns out to be legitimate, this will be the highest amount of winnings awarded at the casino since 2014, when Walter Waschuk managed to win $1.4 million while playing the Diamond Millions progressive slot machine.

According to Van Der Kooy, Casino by Vanshaw seems to be producing quite a lot of winners at the moment. On Monday morning, another player won $70,000 by playing a Keno game on a separate machine. That jackpot is also being verified.
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