Bingo player wins progressive jackpot at Tropicana Casino Aruba
October 12, 2016 00:07
A jackpot-winning Bingo player has managed to win a total of $19,221.06 by playing a progressive jackpot Bingo game at the Tropicana Casino Aruba. Congratulations to the winner!

The winner's name is Anais Cannergieter. Her story may not seem anything special, but winnings such as these are definitely a great way to spice up your day.

Anais purchased her ticket and attended the Tropicana Aruba Bingo session. Everything was proceeding as normal, just like any other session of Bingo, when she noticed that her board was starting to form a particular pattern. In as little as 50 calls, her board had formed a full-card pattern!

It turns out that her lucky number was O-69. When it was called, Anais immediately realized that she had formed a full board, shouting “Bingo!” immediately. She was overcome with emotion, and the whole room jumped up to congratulate her unanimously.

As if the emotional moment wasn't enough already, Anais did not actually realize exactly how much she had won at the time. Immediately after that, the Bingo host revealed to her that this wasn't just a typical game of Bingo.

Her train of emotions reached new heights when the winnings were handed out to her. The room was full of joy as she took a photo of herself while holding the winning board.

Tropicana Casino Aruba announced a new progressive jackpot worth $10,000 the day after Anais’s win. Progressive jackpots keep growing until a lucky player manages to secure the big win – they never actually decrease in size, motivating the players to try their luck at the game.

Similar stories all throughout the world are making the game of Bingo increasingly popular, and we expect an even greater number of happy winners in the future.
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