Betfair launches innovative Cash Out Roulette game
October 19, 2016 00:10
Betfair, one of the gambling market leaders, has added a new online casino roulette game with a cash out option to the roster. The game was developed by Be The House, an online casino game studio. Be The House was established in 2014 by Seth Freedman and Andrew Woolfson. The two joined forces to develop Cash Out Roulette.

Unlike other similar games, Cash Out Roulette offers the players a chance to bet on consecutive spins, a feature often lacking in traditional roulette games. In practice, this means that the players will be able to bet on various different outcomes, such as the next ten spins landing on five red numbers.

According to Be The House, the game is beneficial to both the players as well as the operators. Thanks to its features, the operators will be able to secure longer sessions with their players and increase their customer base. The customers will have plenty of opportunities for higher payouts, as well as having the option to cash out at any time during a multi-spin bet.

Currently, no similar game exists in the market. However, the developers have noted that other gambling operators will be launching it in the months to come.

Freedman said that the game had “the most ground-breaking development” in the history of roulette. Freedman was doing research for his new book when he discovered that traditional roulette games are over after every single spin, which spawned the innovative idea.

Freedman added that the game will not feel foreign to players who are used to traditional roulette games, but will merely provide them with another gaming option. He is happy to have entered a partnership with Betfair, and said that the new game has received a very warm welcome. He believes that the new product will change how the game of roulette is played.
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