Back in 'Nam is iSoftBet's newest jackpot casino slot
August 07, 2016 23:26
The Platoon series by iSoftBet has just received another big video title, and it's called Back in 'Nam. Thematically, it’s based on the 1986 Vietnam War film starring Charlie Sheen and Willem Dafoe. The jackpot casino slots title has been produced under agreement with MGM Interactive, with Platoon Wild being sort of an upgrade of another slot title that was launched in 2013.

You'll be facing some of the popular characters you probably already know, including Chris, Elias, Barnes, and King. In the game, they will effectively have the function of being symbols. The five-reel slot will have 20 paylines, and the players will be tasked with finding a matching combination. The minimum bet will be €0.20, and the maximum bet will be €10.

As with similar jackpot casino slots, it includes wild card symbols. They have the function of replacing any other kind of symbol, which helps players achieve a winning combination in an easier fashion. However, they will not be appearing in free spins and jackpots.

When players unlock free spins, all of their winnings are essentially doubled, but jackpot wins are excluded from this rule. As far as jackpot winning is concerned, hitting three symbols will net you a 1x multiplier, and hitting four will give you 5x. The 5x multiplier marks the beginning of huge payouts. The game also has a progressive jackpot version.

This new game is different from the original, but perhaps the most noticeable difference is the production values that went into it (mostly the graphics and cinematic images). The original also had 30 paylines, which is ten more than the newest installment. However, the newest version has a 50,000x jackpot instead of the original 30,000x one.

Players can try out the game at iSoftBet casinos, which include PunchBets, Read Deal Bet, SlotsMillion, and PunchBets.
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