$1 million jackpot winning player to help students
September 21, 2016 23:54
Maria Stuhlemmer from London, Ontario, a jackpot winning woman who won $1 million in a recent Lotto MaxMillion drawing, unveiled her plans regarding what to do with the winnings. She intends to use these funds to help university students further their education, which is quite a noble goal.

Maria won the $1 million prize in the drawing that took place on September 2nd, but there was something quite unusual about it. Normally, people would rush off to collect their winnings as fast as they possibly could, but Maria did not realize that she had won until recently. She held the ticket for an entire week before cashing it in.

The lucky winner explained that she went to the store in order to check the ticket. The staff gathered around her to congratulate her and everyone was pretty excited, including the customers.

Though the industry experts typically advise lottery winners to calm down, put the money in a safe place, and to not touch it for a year, she took her own course of action and splurged out on a limousine to take her home from the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto.

She went on to explain that while she had immediately decided to go through with some short-term spending decisions, she has well-defined long-term goals for what to do with the money. According to Maria, a large portion of those winnings will go towards university scholarships to help young students recognize their full potential.

Finally, Maria said that education is one of her most cherished values, and she added that it is important to invest in the young generations upon which the country's future clearly depends on.

The jackpot winning ticket was purchased in London at the Shoppers Drug Mart on Richmond Street. 
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