Understanding progressive betting
January 31, 2017 12:46
From land-based casinos to online casinos and from flat betting to progressive betting, as times change, so do gambling trends and styles. A strategy that is gaining immense popularity nowadays is progressive betting. Depending on whether you win or lose the previous round, you either increase or minimize the amount of a bet. Although luck is a major factor in the progressive betting system, it can help you make a small profit while allowing you to recoup a part of your losses.

There are primarily two progressive betting systems.

Positive progressive system. Tis system is a safe betting method where players increase their bet as they win, and decrease the bet if they lose.

Negative progressive system. This betting system is risky, as it can leave you broke. It focuses on raising the bet after a loss to recover the previous losses.

These two betting systems have given rise to the following modern progressive betting strategies.

Oscar’s Grind

It can be a little complicated to understand, but you use this system when you increase your bet after a win while sticking to the original bet if you lose. It happens to be the latest progressive betting strategy and is a common strategy when playing blackjack.


Martingale is the oldest betting system that has been continuously modified to suit modern gambling standards. It follows the negative progressive betting system and may not function if you reach the house limit.


You only increase your bet when you win. It is the perfect strategy for players who have some luck and a small bankroll to their advantage.


Commonly used in online casinos for playing roulette and baccarat, it is easy to comprehend. This system involves lowering the bet by a unit on winning and raising the bet by a unit after losing.


Also known as the Let it Ride system, it is an example of a positive progressive betting system. At every win, you bet your original stake along with your winning amount. If you lose, you rebound back to your original bet. 

Whatever progressive betting system you may choose, play wisely, and bet after taking all possibilities into consideration. It is also imperative to find the right casino, especially if you are playing progressive jackpots. Thankfully, you can rely on Big Jackpots to offer you access to reliable online casinos with an array of progressive jackpots.
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