Types of online casinos for progressive jackpots
January 31, 2017 12:46
Among all leisure activities, gambling has always been the one most preferred and popular. Nowadays, with the virtual world being quite the rage, online casinos are extremely popular among gamblers who do not want to spend time, money and effort visiting traditional casinos. Online gambling comes in the form of online poker games, blackjack and progressive slots, among others.

Broadly speaking, there are many varieties of online casinos, but based on their interface, you can group them into three different types.

Web-based online casinos

Without downloading any software onto your computer, you can play your favorite slot game. All these games are available via popular browser plug-ins, such as Java or Flash, and all they need is browser support. Web-based online games are slowly gaining prominence because you do not need to worry about the amount of data you must download and how fast your internet connection is. Above all, there is no risk of downloading malicious software onto your system.

Download-based online casinos

These used to be the most popular casinos when online casinos first made an appearance. In this type of casino, you will need to download software before you begin playing games that offer progressive jackpots. However, these download-based online games require time-consuming installation, and at times, you may unknowingly download or transmit a virus.

Mobile casinos

Mobile casino games have recently made their way to smartphones. Players play mobile slots with their phone’s built-in browser or can download q mobile game app. Of course, you will need a data plan for this, but mobile casinos offer an opportunity to play progressive jackpots on the go.

There are so many reliable and reputable online casinos that offer a range of progressive jackpots that you can play anytime and anywhere. Thankfully, Big Jackpots has created a repository that helps you find these casinos without wasting time or energy.
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