Tips to manage your bankroll when playing progressive jackpots
January 31, 2017 12:45
When you are playing for progressive jackpots, you will be wagering the maximum bet amount. You can run through your bankroll very quickly if you are not careful, so you need to have proper strategies in place to stretch your bankroll as much as possible while winning along the way.

Create a realistic bankroll

Playing for progressive jackpots can be fun, and it is easy to go overboard. However, before you start, figure out what you can afford to spend. Be honest and realistic about the amount. You don’t want to allocate too much and end up in a financial mess where you cannot keep up with your bills and mortgage payments.

Divide your money

Divide your bankroll so that you do not spend it all in a single session. For instance, if you start with $200, divide it into four portions of $50 so that each week you just use one part of your bankroll to wager on progressive jackpot games. If you win, it is great, but if you lose, don’t be tempted to take money that you have set aside for another time and day. You can also divide your bankroll based on the number of sessions you play each day.

Keep deposits and winnings separate

When you win an amount that is equal to your initial deposit, withdraw it. This way, you can continue playing with your winnings and do not have to worry about losing your deposit. If the winning trend continues, keep withdrawing an amount equal to your initial deposit amount so that you can use it at a later stage as your bankroll and not be forced to use your own money again.

Choose your online casino wisely

When playing for progressive jackpots, it is important you choose your online casino carefully. Find reliable and reputable online casinos that offer a range of easy deposit and withdrawal methods. You will be able to find the best casinos for progressive jackpots at Big Jackpots. With comprehensive reviews and information about each casino and progressive jackpot game, Big Jackpots helps you make an informed playing decision.
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