Online slots strategies that you did not know existed
March 10, 2017 09:59
Lyn Consett, Contributing Editor, Bigjackpots.com
Contributing Editor
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There’s no denying the fact that slots machines are purely based on luck, yet there are a few strategies that can increase your chances of winning progressive jackpots.
 Understand the payouts
 Make sure you are aware of the payouts, as slots machines that are based on reels consist of variant programming. In other words, the payout percentage will differ, either below or above its typical payout percentage.
 Take control over your bankroll
 To keep a watch on your bankroll, it is important that you establish a proper betting pattern. You can begin with the lowest available bet. If you lose several spins, increase it by one, and if you win, decrease it by one. Although this strategy does not assure you of a win, it ensures control over your bankroll, preventing you from losing everything at once.
 Ridiculously large jackpots are difficult to win
 In some cases, bigger is not always better. Usually, large progressive jackpots running into millions of dollars are difficult to win. In contrast, the smaller jackpot slots pay out at a more frequent pace. A big chunk of each bet is added to the jackpot amount, and that is why you should not ignore online slots with smaller progressive jackpots.
 The chances of winning
 It is always good to weigh your chances and see whether you are winning or not. By taking into account probability, you are more in control of the situation, as you can judge whether the gameplay will work in your favor or not. Accordingly, you can choose to stay on the same machine or switch to another one.
 There you have it. These online strategies are fairly simple and easy to understand. Do make use of them the next time you play progressive jackpots. Remember, choosing the right casino also make a huge difference. Check out Big Jackpots that offers you access to the best online casinos with exciting progressive jackpots.

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