Managing your bankroll as an online slot player
January 31, 2017 12:43
In gambling, although you cannot control the spin outcome in any way, you do have control over one thing - yourself. Therefore, even though a random number generator determines the outcome of every spin, you can restrain yourself in ways that will prevent you from going bankrupt.

Money management strategies can help limit your losses, maintain your winnings and maximize your entertainment. Check out these strategies before you try your hand at online slots, especially progressive jackpots.

Set up and budget and stick to it

Before you choose which type of game you are going to play, setting a budget will help you win big if you get lucky and will also stop you from playing too long and thereby losing all your winnings. You need to decide on a session budget before playing slots. You can stick to this plan by getting the exact amount you need in cash while putting away your credit cards. This technique is easier to follow at land-based casinos than at online ones, so make sure that once you reach your limit, you disconnect. Remember, you will have a longer duration of play if your bet size is low.

Play-through-once strategy

Divide your deposits by the bet you want to make, and depending on your profit or loss, either change machines or stop playing after you reach the total number of spins. If you are ahead, keep the profits and then change the game or repeat the process. If you lose, you can change the game or come back another time. While you are ahead, it is imperative that you take the profit and leave. Do not succumb to greed, or you may end up losing what you have won.

Find the best online slots

An important part of bankroll management is finding the best casinos to play online slots. You are in luck, as Big Jackpots has done the hard work of checking and listing reputable online casinos. It gives you access to the best online slot games that offer unbelievable progressive jackpots.
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