Manage your bankroll effectively to win at online casinos
January 31, 2017 12:43
Managing your online casino bankroll means making sure your money lasts long enough for you enjoy a winning streak. This management will stand you in good stead when you are playing for progressive jackpots.

While progressive jackpot games demand that you wager the maximum, you should choose games that give you an opportunity to enjoy a winning streak. If you bet too much, you will go through your bankroll rather quickly, and if you bet too little, you will lose the opportunity to win the jackpot and the excitement that comes with winning.

Basics of managing your bankroll

Remember, each game has a house edge. You can win in the short-term, but ultimately the house edge will rule the roost. The basic idea should be to ensure your bankroll does not deplete to zero. You should have a strategy in place that allows you to absorb the pressure exerted by the house edge. This way, you will enjoy winning streaks and maybe even the jackpot.

There will be times when you win, and on other occasions, the house wins. This is natural, and effectively managing your bankroll will allow for this variance so that you don’t end up broke.

Betting prudently

When playing for progressive jackpots, it is best to take into account the house edge and opt for a game where the casino’s advantage is the lowest. Also, keep a close watch on the jackpot amount. Begin betting once the amount is three or four times the starting jackpot amount.

If you start betting after someone wins the jackpot, the chances are slim that you will win. At this stage, the house edge will work against you, but as the jackpot amount grows, the house edge becomes lower until it reaches zero. That is the best time to start wagering for progressive jackpots.

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