How much should you wager on each slots spin?
January 31, 2017 12:41
Most players do not have a plan when playing slots. It is important to keep a close watch on your bankroll, or it will run out. If you are clear on your objectives and can do a little bit of math, you should be able to decide how much you should bet on each spin.

Determine your objectives

Have targets in mind, meaning you should decide how many days you intend to play, for how long, and the amount you can invest into your bankroll. Then, divide the bankroll based on the number of days you intend playing and then further subdivide it based on the duration each day.

Number of spins in the allotted time 

Select the online slots game you want to play, and then check out the wagering requirement. If you intend playing progressive jackpots, you would have to bet the maximum wager amount. On the other hand, if you intend to avoid jackpots, the bet amount will be minimal. Based on this, decide how many spins you can make during the time you intend playing.

Take into consideration lost spins

You must account for lost spins while playing online slots. Therefore, it is crucial you select a slot game that offers a high payout. If you intend playing a range of online slot games, then calculate the average payout. It can be little difficult to calculate the number of spins you will lose, but it is best to estimate the number and then deduct that amount from your bankroll.

Now, you know the amount of money you can wager on spins. Divide this by the total number of spins to reach a figure for per spin. Remember, this is just an estimate. In reality, things could be very different, so use your judgment as the game goes along. Also, select reliable and trustworthy online casinos, especially if you intend playing progressive jackpots. Thankfully, Big Jackpots has a comprehensive list of online casinos with a variety of exciting and high-payout online slots that you can rely on to enjoy a stress-free experience playing slots.
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