Different types of betting systems for slots
January 31, 2017 12:39
At an online casino, most players prefer to try their hand at slot games and are always looking for ways to increase their chances of winning. Players will hear of various betting systems that can improve the amount that they win which can, in turn, help them gamble for a longer time without depleting their bankroll. With slot games, there are some betting systems that you use, though they do not guarantee a win. After all, the outcomes are computer generated, and you do not have a say in the matter.

The pyramid system

Slot players commonly use the pyramid system when betting for real money. This type of betting allows you to bet less than the maximum amount at different times in a game with a single payline. For example, if six is the highest number of coins allowed, you can begin with a one-coin bet, followed by two, three, four, five and six. You can also reverse the sequence until you only bet one again. It helps conserve your bankroll when you place smaller bets, and you have a fair chance at winning big when placing higher wagers.

The martingale system

You can use the martingale system in any game in a casino setting. Every time you lose, you double the amount of your bet. If your initial bet per spin is $0.50, you will increase the following bet to $1. If you lose, you continue this strategy until you win. If you have gambled in the past, you are probably aware of this system. However, it is best to use this system for table games with fixed payouts rather than slots with progressive jackpots.

When playing slots, particularly progressive jackpots, you can end up betting a lot of money and only complete a small winning combination, so using betting systems when playing slots online can be risky. Rather, you should focus on reliable and fun online slot games. Big Jackpots has created a repository of trustworthy online casinos with thrilling progressive jackpots, so check out these games and leave the rest to Lady Luck.
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