Common myths surrounding online slots
January 31, 2017 12:39
If you look at online slots, you will realize that people are either playing to win progressive jackpots or they having a lot of fun while playing online slots. However, there are some people that stay away from the fun and excitement of online slots because of certain stereotypical myths attached to them. It is time to bust these myths so that people can enjoy the pleasure of playing online slots.

Myth 1: Online casinos manage your online slot machine games by turning them on and off

Online casino slots do not have an on-off switch, as they use computer chips that come with a preset payout percentage. The reason you are on a winning spree is that luck is on your side and not because online casinos are tweaking the games to maximize their profits.

Myth 2: Once a slot machine hits the jackpot, it needs time to hit one again

Online slots use a random number generator to determine payouts. Therefore, slot game can end up with no jackpots for a long time or even dole out multiple jackpots continuously once the minimum amount for a certain game is reached. You stand a chance to win big depending on how long you play.

Myth 3: The odds of winning increase if no one has won the progressive jackpot

The overall result does not depend on any event, trick or fixed pattern. Hitting the jackpot depends on the automatic number generator and your luck. Once a game reaches the minimal required amount, any player can win the progressive jackpot.

Myth 4: You should have continued playing because the player after you just won the progressive jackpot

There is no way to determine the random number generator's winning combination accurately. Just because the player after you won does not imply that you would have won or that you should have continued playing.

Now that you have your facts straight, wave goodbye to these myths and enjoy playing online slots uninhibitedly. Big Jackpots offers access to thrilling progressive jackpots at reliable and reputable online casinos. It is your gateway to life-altering experiences.
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