Characteristics of progressive jackpot online slots
January 31, 2017 12:38
Progressive jackpots are popular because if you hit the jackpot, you can walk away with life-changing prize money. After you win, the jackpot amount resets and the whole process starts again, with a portion of the wagered amount going towards the jackpot. However, before you try your luck at progressive jackpot online slots, it is important to understand the different characteristics of each type of progressive jackpot game. This is especially true if you are a new player.

Five-symbol winning combination

The most common winning combo in a majority of progressive jackpot online slots is getting five symbols on a payline. Typically, it is the wild symbol that will trigger the jackpot. However, there are certain criteria that the winning combination needs to meet before you can collect the jackpot. The five winning symbols should be present in the last payline, thereby making it mandatory for you to wager on all paylines. Also, you should wager the maximum bet amount for each payline to be eligible to hit the jackpot.

Wagering less than maximum

All online slots with progressive jackpots do not require maximum bet amount. You can still win substantial amounts by wagering less. Therefore, if you don’t want to run through your bankroll quickly, look for three-reel progressive jackpots. In such jackpot games, you usually have to wager three coins per payline, and you get 100% of the jackpot if you win it. However, if you wager less than the three coins per payline, you can still walk away as a winner with a smaller portion of the total jackpot.

Randomly triggered progressive jackpots

Randomly triggered progressive jackpots do not need a particular combo of symbols for you to win the jackpot, so you have a 50-50 chance of winning the jackpot each time you spin the wheel. Also, you do not have to wager the maximum bet amount to hit the jackpot. It goes without saying that the chances to win the jackpot are proportionate to the wager, but with multi-tiered jackpots available, the chance to win varying amounts adds to the thrill.

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