Are free slot spins really free?
January 31, 2017 12:48
When you win free spins playing online slots, you will be extremely excited, as this can increase your chances of winning without wagering any money. However, are these free slot spins really free? Can you win anything when you spin the reels for free?

Getting free spins in online slots

You can get free spins from different sources. Some online casinos offer new players free spins when they sign up and create an account. One of the most common incentives is offering new players free spins in conjunction with a signup bonus.

You can also win free spins while playing online slots. Invariably, if you get three scatter symbols on the reels, the game will offer you free spins during which your payout will double. Therefore, before you begin wagering, it is important you check out the paytable and game-related information to find out how you can win free spins and other rewards while playing a specific online slot game.

Free spins and payout

There is no doubt that the possibility of winning progressive jackpots is one of the main reasons online slots are so popular, and free spins can, at times, help you win massive jackpots. However, it is important to remember that free spins are part of the payout, so do not think of them as a separate entity, or “free.” Online casinos will always include free spins in the percentage of the payout along with the bonuses that the game offers.

Are free spins worth it?

Well, it depends on how you view free spins. If you are looking for something extra, free spins fulfill that need by adding excitement to the online slot game. However, since free spins are part of the payout percentage, they are not really free. However, in being part of the payout, they can add more value to your game and gaming experience, and this makes them worthwhile. 

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